Miracle Rescue In ThailandMiracle Rescue In Thailand

10 July, 2018, 12:55 | Author: Carlos George
  • A curious soccer team a flooded Thai cave and a perilous trek to safety

The first four boys who were trapped in the cave in Thailand have been rescued and are in "perfect" health.

Nine remained behind, waiting their turn to escape, as of early Monday morning.

After the four boys were removed from the cave, heavy rain started falling. Skilled cave divers, part of a team assembled from around the world, hugged the four to their bodies as they swam through the dark. I'm happy being here inside, the navy SEALS have taken good care.

Their escape led to an explosion of jubilation on social media in Thailand as the rescued boys were rushed to hospital.

However, the rain shortly recommenced, putting a halt to the rescue operation.

Anupong said divers need to place more air canisters along the underwater route to where the boys and their coach have been trapped since June 23.

Their ordeal has drawn huge media attention in Thailand and overseas, and getting the boys out safely could be a boost for Thailand's junta ahead of a general election next year.

Osotthanakorn told reporters there would be a meeting Sunday evening to plan next steps, and that authorities want to ensure conditions are stable before beginning the next phase of the rescue.

Sunday's mission went quicker than it had in drills over the last several days, according to Osotthanakorn. A massive global search operation was launched and it took 10 days to locate the boys, who had taken shelter on a dry slope deep in the complex.

Underscoring just how unsafe getting the boys out of the cave could be, the operation suffered its biggest setback on Friday, when a volunteer diver, Saman Gunan, 38, a former Thai navy SEAL, died after losing consciousness while underwater. A final push for the remaining five trapped in the cave was expected Tuesday after restocking the exit route with air tanks, ropes and other supplies, he said.

Speculation about the identities of the four boys who have been successfully evacuated from the cave is rife in the surrounding areas.

With most of the team still in the cave, the rescuers were racing against time, and the weather. Earlier efforts to pump water out of the cave have been set back by heavy downpours. There were several concerns that prompted authorities to move forward with the plan to dive the boys out.

But Saturday night, he tweeted that the cave was now closed for the rescue by divers.

Finnish volunteer diver Mikko Paasi, a long-term resident of Thailand, said the death of the Thai Navy SEAL had changed the mood on the ground and made real for rescuers just how risky the mission had become.

He did not say which countries the foreign divers came from, but British cave divers have played a key role in the operation, and the United States, Australia and China have all sent teams to help.

Narongsak said the operation was going "better than expected". In fact, it was three hours earlier than that.

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The most unsafe part of the journey out of the labyrinth cave system is the first kilometer, in which they are required to squeeze through a narrow flooded channel.

The tandem divers could expect to face strong currents and pass through perilous tunnels, without any air pockets for safety in an emergency. "I told them that".

At the Mae Sai Prasitsart school, where six of the 12 boys studied, the principal and teachers said they promised to give the boys a lighter homework load once they are back in class. "In terms of re-feeding and the regaining of strength, there's only a certain amount of energy that you can re-accumulate, and it doesn't happen in just a couple of days", Auerbach said.

Initial euphoria over finding the boys alive quickly turned into deep anxiety as rescuers struggled to find a way to get them out.

The cavern where the group took refuge is about 2.5 to 3 miles from the cave's lone entrance.

The first of the four boys emerged from the cave entrance about nine hours after a team of 18 worldwide cave diving experts entered the underground chamber to begin the hazardous process of accompanying the boys through the flooded, narrow tunnels to safety.

In the town of Mae Sai, where the trapped boys' soccer team is based, residents and family members celebrated the sound of every helicopter and ambulance they heard, proof that some boys had left the cave and were being rushed for treatment. Their condition was not known.

Authorities had looked at many different ways to save the boys and their coach. "I was so anxious because they are just children, stuck for so long in the dark".

But that could change in the coming days, Chinchar added. Relatives were able to see them through a glass partition, the governor said. "He would do anything for them". The vast cave complex was mostly dry when they entered.

Their discovery after 10 days inside the cave, and the successful evacuations Sunday, beat what many had seen as discouraging odds.

The fifth boy was brought out late Monday, officials said.

"This morning they said they are hungry, and they wanted Phad Kra Pao", he said.

The boys were discovered by British divers Richard Stanton and John Volanthen on Monday. That decision would also depend on a medical examination by the doctor.

Mr Narongsak said two divers would escort each of the boys out of the cave.

On Friday, officials warned that oxygen levels in the cave dropped from 21% to 15%, further complicating rescue efforts.

On Monday, divers are expected to try to rescue as numerous remaining boys as they can.



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