Nobel Prize for Physics given to American, French, Canadian researchers

03 October, 2018, 04:59 | Author: Dwayne Harmon
  • Trio Win Nobel Physics Prize For Work On Laser Physics

One half of the prize went to the inventor of optical tweezers, Arthur Ashkin, while Donna Strickland and Gérard Mourou, the scientists who pioneered a method to generate high-intensity laser pulses, shared the other half.

Arthur Ashkin of Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey, is honored for his invention of optical tweezers, a technique which uses focused laser beams to hold and manipulate microscopic objects, including biological samples, as might be done with tweezers.

Strickland is the third ever woman to win the prize, first awarded in 1901. Strickland is only the third women to be awarded a Nobel in physics ever.

Strickland said she recognizes that her new status as a Nobel victor may boost her status as a role model for young women wishing to pursue a career in science, adding those with such dreams should go out and pursue them. In 1987, he used the tweezers to grasp living bacteria without harming them, according to the academy statement.

These days, though, scientific research is "a hobby more or less", he told the official website of the Nobel Prize.

Canadian scientist Donna Strickland calls herself a "laser jock". Mourou, along with his student Donna Strickland jointly co-invented a technique called "chirped pulse amplification", or CPA. He has finally received his due, at least as far as the Nobel Prizes are concerned.

She added: "I think that he made so many discoveries early on that other people have done great things with that it's fantastic that he is finally recognised". "I'm honored to be one of those women".

"Arthur Ashkin's work", she said, "has served as the foundation and inspiration for my work on precision mechanical biophysics".

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Jessica Wade, a researcher at Department of Physics and Centre for Plastic Electronics at Imperial College London, was so fed up with women in the field being overlooked that she spent the a year ago adding 270 Wikipedia entries on women scientists.

"With the technology we have developed, laser power has been increased about a million times, maybe even a billion".

Nobel laureate Donna Strickland says her first thought on hearing she'd won the physics prize was "it's insane". "Really? I thought there might've been more", Strickland replied.

At 96 years old, he is the oldest person ever named as a laureate for any of the worldwide awards.

The awarding of the prize to Ms Strickland ended a drought for women winning any of the prestigious prizes.

The winners of the Nobel Prize will be awarded $1 million or £770,000 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

"And with me here on podium is, to my right, Professor Olga Botner, the chairman of the Nobel Committee for Physics, and on my left side, Professor Mats Larsson, who is the member of the committee and an expert in the field of this year's prize..."

Nobel Prize for Physics 2018 Winners. The economics prize, which is not technically a Nobel, will be announced October 9.



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